Permission Giving

Epiphany uses the permission-giving model of ministry to become disciples in our world today.  As a permission-giving congregation, we are not bound by a set of by-laws, but only by our mission, vision, and value statements.  Our ministry is a gifts-based ministry which allows each individual to serve and proclaim God's love, grace, and forgiveness according to his/her own spiritual gifts.

Our mission is not dictated by a Board, but by the constant urge of the Holy Spirit in our lives as the people of God in this place.  Our leadership teams (Mission Council and the Mission Leadership Team) are gifted indiviuals who are called according to their own spiritual gifts dedicated for mission and ministry within the community of Epiphany to welcome, love, and accept all people.

The permission-giving model of ministry is a flexible, non-constraining model of disipleship.  It allows individuals to "act" on their gifts and passions so that ministry can happen.  It is a model of ministry that does not require approval from our Leadership Teams for something to happen.  When spiritual gifts are connected to passion and desire, the right people are led to the right place for the right reason and.... ministry happens!

The ministry and mission of Epiphany have been based on the permission-giving model for 15 years and it has become a most effective model of ministry for us as people continue to blossom, grow, and serve in the name of the Lord.

The first step in learning more about the permission-giving model and how you might fit in, is to take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory.  This assesment will help you to learn of your gifts and how your gifts and passions can lead you to becoming a growing disciple, whether at Epiphany or in some other area of ministry. Call the church office if you would like more information regarding the Spiritual Gifts Inventory.