The past three months at Epiphany have been a time of hearing about and preparing for the changes which will be occurring with the upcoming retirement of Pastor Lingle, building on the strong foundation of faith, hope, ministry, and mission which has sustained our ministry during the past 29 years, and looking forward to what the future may look like as an Interim Pastor comes to Epiphany to lead God's mission in this place.  With our conversations of looking back, looking forward, discerning and planning, it has become obvious that change will be common place - changes in how mission is understood, how ministry is approached, and how leadership is offered. In preparation for the next "chapter" of our journey, we have had and are continuing to have meaningful weekly conversations related to the changes that are/will be happening (see article below),  the Mission Council and Mission Leadership Team have been working together to prepare for the transition, and our staff has been mindful of the changes and willing to make necessary adjustments to accommodate the changes, all for the good of the mission of Epiphany.

Below are some of the changes that already been put into place.  You will be kept updated of the ongoing changes that everyone will be mindful of during the next year or so as Epiphany moves into the phase of interim pastoral leadership.  Also, below is a list of the Mission Council members who will be working very closely with the staff and the Interim Pastor during the coming months of transition.

Administration: Sarah Nuckles has returned as Epiphany's Office Administrator.   Sarah's office hours are Tuesday - Thursday, 9:00 AM -2:00 pm.

Mission Leadership Team: Recruitment is currently ongoing as we seek to fill the current and upcoming "open" positions of Youth and Congregational Life. JoAnn Giliberti has accepted the "call" to serve as the MLT Community Ministries coordinator, finishing the term of Erin Wiedel who will be moving to Columbia later this year.  JoAnn and Erin will work together in this position until Erin moves.

MLT Education Update - 
A team of individuals will be leading the Educational Ministry during the coming year, continuing Sally Lingle's term on the Mission Leadership Team.  Debbie Keener, Cindy Caldwell, and Judy Krenzer will be responsible for coordinating Godly Play and all other educational ministries of the congregation.
MLT Property Update -
Buck Hiltebeitel has agreed to serve with Rick Krenzer as a "co" property coordinator for the congregation.  Buck will work along side Rick in dealing with all of the property issues related to the church building and the parsonage.

Deb Zaken will be serving on the Mission Leadership Team as MLT Mission Council Representative.

 On Sunday, August 5, we began our new worship time with ONE WORSHIP SERVICE beginning at 10:00 AM.(Sunday School will begin at 9:00 AM on September 9 as the new Sunday School year begins.) 
Mission Council Visiting Teams: The Mission Council has been divide into 2 person "Visiting Teams," as they help the Interim Pastor, with contacts, visits, and ministry.  With the Interim Pastor mostly likely being onsite only a few days a week, the rotating MC Visiting Teams will assist with the care and nurture of our members, especially on the days the Interim Pastor is not present in Rock Hill.  This ministry began the first of July, working with Pastor Lingle, in order for the Mission Council members to become acclimated to this ministry.  The current's week Visiting Team members will be listed in the bulletin.
NEW Mission Council Members
  It is a joy and privilege to welcome Deb Zaken and Bill Droz to the Mission Council, as they each have accepted the call to serve a three year term... Welcom Bill and Deb!!
Bill Droz - Bill is a Charter member of Epiphany and has been a part of almost every ministry at Epiphany as an active, engaged member. (worship, Sunday School, small groups, choir, fellowship, retreats) This is his second term on Mission Council, having also served as Council Chair. Bill's understanding of Epiphany's mission and his history with the ministry will allow him to serve during the next three years as a strong and dedicated leader on Mission Council.
Deb Zaken - Deb has been a part of Epiphany since 2012 when she and Dave joined our membership.  Deb has been very active in all aspects of ministry at Epiphany - faithful in worship, Sundays and mid-week, serving as a Godly Play host, participant in small groups and Bible Studies, and active in many community and congregational outreach ministries.  Deb has expressed her love of this congregation and her desire to continue to use her gifts to keep the mission of Epiphany strong and healthy. Epiphany will be blessed to have Deb serving during the next three years on Mission Council.
Mission Council Members 2018 - 2019:
Doug Hinson - Chair
Katherine Glibbery
Birgit Taylor
Joy Davies
Bill Droz
Deb Zaken
Angie Gregory - Recording Secretary
Amanda Maghsoud - Treasurer